Hi everyone, 1st of June is approaching fast. So please if you can come and join us for a fun day at the beach, print off these sponsorship forms or go the W4CR.org website to do the same…. It doesn’t matter what time or how long you get …out on the water for. The important thing is that we have fun and raise some money for this good cause. This is what’s going on…. 05:30 meet, rig and go for a sail for the die hard windsurfers with own kit… If no wind then it’s a paddle board with the GST kit. 07:30 Go for breakfast at a greasy spoon then back to then beach. 10:30 – noon -Ladies Bay, GST kit available for all T15 youth windsurfers who have raised some money for W4CR 11:00-13:00 Ladies Bay, BBQ and cake sale to raise money for W4CR (weather permitting)
The whole day is open for all of us to get out sail and socialise as much as we want… The event is called sunrise to sunset but in reality 2hrs of windsurfing and I’m knack erred… So let’s just raise some money and do what we enjoy on the water!
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