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Friends of the Guernsey Sailing Trust

The Friends of the Guernsey Sailing Trust is run by a small committee and supports the Trust with fundraising and charity events.

Funds raised by the Friends, through subscriptions and fundraising, go towards helping the Trust run efficiently and effectively, purchasing new boats and keeping all of our equipment up to date. Additional funds are also at times used to support children and bursary places.

The support from the Friends is invaluable to the running of the Guernsey Sailing Trust and allows us to offer up to date courses with the best equipment possible, as well as offer sailing to children who may otherwise not get to experience the thrill of the sport.

Friends of the Trust





The Guernsey Sailing Trust was established in 1988 to enable local children from all walks of life to experience and enjoy the fun and challenges involved with sailing, as well as to make the sport accessible to all.

We have been fortunate to be supported by many local businesses and charities over the years. Some have helped towards running costs and maintenance of our fleet and building. Many have sponsored a boat which is an ideal opportunity to have branding and advertising on a sail or hull. Just have a look at our photos and you will see how great they look.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Guernsey Sailing Trust please get in touch, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Corporate and Social Events

By choosing to have your corporate or sports and social events at the Guernsey Sailing Trust, you will be helping to give the school children in Guernsey the opportunity to experience sailing. We currently offer free sailing to States Schools and give a number of bursary placements during our summer courses. Your support will also help up to acquire the best and up to date equipment. It’s also great fun and can be a brilliant team building activity!

Corporate & Social





‘Sailability’ is the RYA’s national programme aiming to enable people with disabilities to get involved with sailing. It has branches all over the UK and encourages sailing at all levels, from first-time sailors to Paralympians. The Guernsey Sailing Trust is very proud to be a part of this programme.

One of the fantastic things about sailing is that the sport can be accessible and inclusive for all. It caters to all types of personality, from those looking for a relaxing experience that brings you closer to the natural world; to those wanting the adrenaline rush of sailing in a strong breeze, with the boat surfing down waves and spray flying over the side of the boat! In all conditions sailing gives the feeling of independence and responsibility, in the little world that is a small sailboat.

Sailing courses

The Guernsey Sailing Trust offer a wider range of sailing and boating course for all ages and levels of experience.

The Guernsey Sailing Trust is a Royal Yachting Association Recognised Training Centre, which means that it is required to maintain the safety and teaching standards laid down by the RYA and undergoes annual inspections to ensure these conditions are fulfilled.

During school term time the Sailing Trust is fully occupied in teaching sailing to the Islands Secondary and Junior Schools.


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