You maybe surprised to know that sailing is an incredibly inclusive sport.  At the Guernsey Sailing Trust we work with many groups on the island, such as Autism Guernsey, St Martins Day Centre and the special needs schools (just to name a few) to ensure that people of ALL abilities get to experience the thrill of sailing!  Our Hawk20’s and Invictus, our RS Venture Keelboat Connect are brilliant boats to get less abled people out on the water.

The Guernsey Disability Alliance have launched their ‘accessible activities’ website today and we are very proud to feature!  The website aims to make show how sports can be accessible for everyone, ahead of Disabled Access Day on 10th March.  Please contact us if you would like to have a go and sailing.  No matter what your ability, we will help get you on the water in any way we can!

Sailing – We all matter, eh?